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2022 Session Topics

State of the State

Where is the Illinois cannabis industry today and where is it going? Influential lawmakers and business leaders give you the inside track on everything you need to know about the state of the cannabis business in Illinois.

Topics include:

  • Forecasts for the budding industry from the key Illinois decision makers.
  • Establishing strong relationships with local and state officials
  • An essential guide to understanding compliance and regulations
  • Navigating the complex banking issue
  • How to compete in a saturated market
  • Social equity programs and the future of criminal convictions for minor marijuana offenses

Biggest Opportunities in Cannabis

From plant-touching to ancillary businesses, the cannabis industry offers unlimited possibilities for passionate entrepreneurs. Find out about the best opportunities to pursue around the state and beyond.

Topics include:

  • Plant touching vs non-plant touching? The pros and cons of each
  • Local experts talk Cultivation, Extraction, Retail, and Ancillary
  • Which sectors are hot and which are not?
  • The future of cannabis: Looking at 2022 and beyond

How to Start, Build, and Grow Your Cannabis Business

Want to be a part of the Green Rush? You’ll hear from successful cannabis industry professionals about the tools and strategies you need to get your business off the ground and thriving.

Topics include:

  • Tips and tactics for writing a killer application in Illinois
  • What you need to know about real estate
  • Procuring your cannabis license
  • How to build a lasting brand
  • Finding financing: funds, angel investors, and mergers
  • Creative marketing and PR strategies from the best in the field
  • Growing into a multi-state operation
  • The best resources from data analytics to software

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